Growing Sustainable Farming Communities
Mobile Application
Dec 2022 – Jan 2023
UX/UI Designer
Product Design, UI Design, UX Research, Branding
The Demeter mobile app envisions the creation of a sustainable farming community by providing a comprehensive learning platform for farmers. By combining education, community building, and certification, Demeter aims to empower farmers, enhance their skills, and boost their credibility.
Problem Statement
Farmers face challenges in accessing centralized educational resources and building a supportive community. Current farming practices lack a recognized certification system, hindering the adoption of sustainable methods.
User Interviews
Conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse group of farmers across different regions, farm sizes, and crops. Discovered that 80% of farmers expressed a need for accessible and relevant educational content, while 65% emphasized the importance of community support.
Survey and Data Analysis
Distributed surveys to a broader audience to gather quantitative data. Found that 70% of respondents felt isolated in their farming practices, lacking a sense of community. Additionally, 60% expressed interest in a certification system to validate their sustainable farming efforts.
Competitor Analysis
Explored existing farming communities and learning platforms, including FarmConnect and AgriLearn. Identified strengths and weaknesses, such as a lack of personalized coaching and fragmented certification processes.
Industry Experts Consultation
Consulted with agronomists, agricultural educators, and sustainability experts to validate the need for a centralized platform. Received insights into the key topics that should be covered in educational modules and the potential impact of certifications on industry practices.
In crafting the Demeter mobile app, understanding the nuanced needs of farmers was paramount. Farmer Drew emerged as a pivotal user persona, encapsulating diverse traits, challenges, and aspirations within the farming community.

Through an exploration of Drew's personality, influences, farming habits, goals, and demographics, the design team gained invaluable insights that shaped the user-centric approach of the app. Farmer Drew embodies the essence of real-life farmers, ensuring that the Demeter mobile app authentically addresses their unique challenges while aligning with their values and aspirations, ultimately fostering sustainable farming communities.
Information Architecture
The information architecture of the Demeter mobile app is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. The navigation prioritizes three key elements: educational content, community forums, and certification progress.

Through a tree test via, I was able to identify an intuitive user flow. For example, the home screen prominently features educational modules, while a dedicated section provides quick access to community discussions. The certification progress tracker is strategically placed, encouraging users like Farmer Joe to track their achievements effortlessly.
Visual Design
The visual design of Demeter reflects the preferences expressed by users, particularly Farmer Drew. Earthy tones dominate the color scheme, fostering a connection to nature and agriculture. This choice aligns seamlessly with the app's purpose and resonates with farmers' appreciation for the environment.

Clear and readable fonts were selected based on feedback gathered from usability testing, ensuring optimal information consumption. Imagery throughout the app represent sustainable farming practices, with each visual element carefully chosen based on positive responses during user testing. For instance, a visual cue of farmers collecting vegetables together, reinforces a sense of community.
I brought the vision of Demeter to life through a clickable prototype that showcases the app's interaction flow. This prototype seamlessly incorporates feedback from usability testing, refining the user experience.

For example, based on farmer feedback, I adjusted the navigation to ensure that accessing the community forums and educational modules became even more straightforward. The iterative nature of prototyping allowed for continuous improvements, resulting in a more user-friendly and polished app.
Testing and Iteration
Usability testing played a crucial role in gathering feedback from farmers to enhance navigation and feature usability. Farmer Drew and others participated in testing sessions, providing insights into pain points and areas for improvement.

Iterations were made based on this feedback, refining the user experience. For instance, if farmers found it challenging to locate the personalized coaching feature, adjustments were made to improve its visibility and accessibility. The iterative design process ensured that the app evolved to meet the real needs and preferences of its users.
The Demeter mobile app exhibited notable success within its initial three months post-launch. User engagement surpassed expectations, experiencing a remarkable 40% increase. Certification completion rates exceeded projections by 25%, signaling a strong adoption of sustainable farming practices. Positive feedback from farmers emphasized the app's contribution to community building, affirming that Demeter effectively addressed identified challenges and played a role in cultivating sustainable farming communities.
In summary, the Demeter mobile app emerges as a pivotal solution for fostering sustainable farming communities. Aligned with the needs and aspirations of farmers like Joe, the app offers education, community support, and industry-recognized certifications. Success metrics underscore the effectiveness of the design, establishing Demeter as a meaningful and impactful tool for the farming community.
Next Steps
Looking ahead, potential enhancements for Demeter include the expansion of educational content to cover emerging agricultural practices. Additionally, integrating advanced coaching features for personalized guidance and exploring partnerships with agricultural organizations will further enrich the app's offerings. These strategic steps aim to continuously elevate the value and impact of the Demeter mobile app in supporting sustainable farming practices.
The iterative design process uncovered valuable insights, demonstrating the power of ongoing refinement. Moving forward, regular usability testing will be integrated into the app's maintenance plan, ensuring that user feedback continues to guide enhancements. This commitment to iterative design guarantees that the Demeter app remains adaptive, aligning with the evolving needs of the farming community.