University of Maryland College Park
Expanding the University’s Design System
Design System, UI Design
May 2018 – Jul 2020
Lead Visual Designer
Illustration, Content-Writing, UI Design, Animation
With over 170 active partnerships across the globe, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for coordinating international activities within the university’s seven colleges and five schools, advancing a strategic plan for internationalization, fostering and nurturing international partnerships.
The University of Maryland’s colors are red, gold, white and black. Taken from the state flag, these colors reflect our role as part of Maryland’s flagship university. These colors should be present in most marketing and communications materials.
Secondary Colors
The secondary color palette expands the branding toolkit to encompass additional colors including those most commonly used in flags around the world, a nod to our mission of internationalization. The secondary colors should be used sparingly as accents, in illustrations, or to represent different moods.
Usage Proportions
The size of the circles in the brand color matrix below relate to the weight each color should hold in branding materials. When utilizing the color palettes for new designs, it is important to maintain a sense of hierarchy. Unique and exciting color palettes can be created using as few as three or four colors.
The official typeface is Adobe Bembo, a serif book type that combines traditional forms with contemporary styling. The official sans-serif typeface is Interstate, which conveys a modern, clean aesthetic and pairs nicely with Bembo.
Use of icons in publications and design should come from either OlA's set of custom icons or Google's Material Designs by accessing the shared drive.

System icons are designed to be simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky. Each icon is reduced to its minimal form, to express essential characteristics.
Department & Unit Official Logos
The Office of International Affairs incorporates the UMD standards for the use of department and unit logos. The university’s visual identity reinforces its reputation and messages by conveying a sense of prestige, excellence and authority and its status as the state’s flagship institution.

OIA, ISSS and EA advance their missions by aligning with the university’s visual identity, especially when communicating with external audiences. The following logos should be used on official communication by each respective unit.
Final Designs
"His mastery of Adobe CS tools has allowed the communications team to turn out high quality and polished products on an impressive timeline, often exceeding expectations. In particular, his work on developing brand guidelines and modernizing branding collateral has been critical for advancing organizational strategic objectives. His strong work ethic and easy-going nature makes him a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him for your strategic communication branding and multimedia design needs."
— Amanda Quinn, Communications Manager